Trashformations Live Construction Event @ ReStore: Saturday April 6, 10am-4pm

Watch the action unfold!  Featuring an incredible line-up of local talent creating spontaneous art from a surprise assortment of broken antiques, scrap metal and other junk:

Greg Amanti, Team “Aristocrap”

Mark Bernahl

Cari Brown,  “The Revolutionary Society of Delitterists”

Tara Doherty, Team “Bridget Bug”

Zachary Ellis

Chris, Gwen & Nora Ferguson, “Team Ferguson”

Gregg Hoshovsky, Team “Who’s the Boss?”

Julie Lopez

Jason Lovejoy, Team “Aristocrap”

Lloyd McMullen

Teafly Peterson,  “The Revolutionary Society of Delitterists”

Marianne Prodehl

Carol Sternkopf, Team “Who’s the Boss?”

Scott Swenson


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