2018 Designer Bios

Corie Ball

Corie Ball



Bio: This is my fourth year participating. I love to use recycled items to create art that has a practical use. I use anything I can find — from bicycle parts to musical instruments to picked items that seem broken-down or useless.

Why I’m participating: I love recycled art!


Michelle Baragona
Bio: I learned everything I know about building and design from my mom. We worked on this challenge together to show that women can be the handy ones of the household.

Why I’m participating: I consider myself a creative person without a consistent outlet for my creativity. I enjoy building, working with tools, trying new techniques and exploring ways to bring beauty to places and things that might be a little rough around the edges. I’m also passionate about extending the life of household objects by repurposing them or giving them some sort of facelift. I currently don’t have the space to put any new creation, so I think the Furniture Flip Design Challenge will be a great way for me to stretch my creative muscles for a good cause.


Penny Ferguson

Penny FergusonBio: I’m an artist and have always loved redoing furniture. Flea Market Flip has always been one of my favorite shows on TV. I give of my time a few days a week at the Bend Restore (I work in receiving and help decorate the floor) I’m a breast-cancer survivor who came close to death due to infection; now i know every day really does matter. By giving back, i know I’m helping others, which in turn helps me — and isn’t that what it’s all about?


Trae and Brittney Gaddis
Bio: We are the husband-and-wife team behind Scavenger Woodworks. We started designing and building custom furniture together in 2014, before moving to Bend. Both originally from Owensboro, Kentucky, Trae’s background is in excavation, while Brittney is a graphic designer with an obsession for interior design and home renovation.

Together, we create unique furniture, perfectly suited to the style of each client -– whether that style is rustic, farmhouse, minimalist, industrial, traditional or eclectic. We pride ourselves on a shared artistic vision and the ability to create pieces that stand out from the crowd.

Why we’re participating: We’ve been looking forward to this for several years and are just now able to participate! We’re in the business of creating modern, beautiful furniture from reclaimed and reused materials and feel that this is right up our alley. We’ve never been to the event, so are super excited to bring our piece(s) to the event and raise money for a good cause.

Business: Scavengerwoodworks


Garth Hughey
Garth Hughey
Bio: I’ve been in construction as a licensed concrete contractor a contractor for 40 years, producing fountains and pools using concrete and stone. They were considered artwork in the 1980s (some of them appeared in Sunset magazine. I’ve always been attracted to the artistic side of my trade, as well as other modes of art. I enjoy sketching, painting with water colors and creating art with nature.  I’ve been working with metal art for the past 10 years, developing one-of-a-kind kinetic fish. I like taking a piece of metal and creating art that others will enjoy.I ‘m looking forward to meeting more artists in the Bend community.

Why I’m participating: I’m an artist working with metal, wood and stone, and I think the challenge will be fun.


Michelle Jensen
Why I’m participating: I love the idea of using items to make completely different items


Eliza Johnson, Lindsay Brisko & Ellen Hassett (of Stemach Design + Architecture)

Stemach Design Team
Bio: Connected through our combined interest in sustainable and innovative design, we found common ground at Stemach Design & Architecture. We share core values founded on economic, environmental and equitable sustainability.

Why we’re participating: Sometimes the most sustainable action is to simply restore that which already exists. In this thinking, we’ll seek to breathe new life into an existing piece, marrying a story of past life with new future.

Business: Stemach Design + Architecture


Merry Kennedy
Bio: I moved to Bend five years ago to raise our two kids in beautiful Central Oregon. After working for other design companies, I started my own interior and garden design company, Insideout. One of my other passions is art and upcycling, so I started ‘merrythings,’ a business where I can make art and upcycle found objects. You never know what a beautiful thing can be created out of something someone else considered trash until you start working with it and turn it into a treasure!

Why I’m participating: I absolutely love to reuse and upcycle. I’m an interior designer, and on the side I’ve just started a new business to include doing projects just like this. Most of my Interior design clients need to be educated about the beauty of upcycled objects and how great they can be in our dwellings.


 Lloyd McMullen
Lloyd McCullan
Bio: I’m a self-appointed savior of wayward dogs, injured birds and homely found objects. This has led to a lifelong career as a scavenger of broken glass, rusting metal and snatches of overheard conversation. They all find their way into two- and three-dimensional mixed-media paintings and found-object sculptures. These narrative pieces tell personal stories, informed by the history of the cast offs that are layered into the work.

A community arts activist, I’m an occasional yarn bomber and instigator of secret art installations. Currently a member of ScaleHouse’s Programming Committee, I’ve worked with local art groups, including Atelier 6000, artists’ co-op: 135 Up, Central Oregon Arts Association and the Regional Arts Council of Central Oregon. I was also a co-founder of the legendary Central Oregon outsider/contemporary arts group Artists Local 101.

Why I’m participating: The answer to this is twofold: to support a great cause and one of my favorite businesses: Habitat for Humanity/ReStore; and to push myself creatively to answer the Furniture Flip Challenge. 


David O’Keefe

David O'Keefe
Bio: I’ve been working with wood for years, and more recently have tackled metal, making furniture, home decor and other things from reclaimed items (mainly weathered wood and salvaged metal). I turned my skills into a part-time business a couple of years ago. I’m married and have a 2-year-old daughter. I’m a nurse by profession.

Why I’m participating: I’ve been wanting to do this for years; it’s right up my ally: I have a business where I make furniture and home decor from reclaimed items. I shop at ReStore often and would love to give back to the community in this way.

Business: Pie Tin Patina; Facebook Page


Misa Olsen
Misa Olsen
Bio: I’m a working mother who enjoys using my art education in my spare time. I love creating functional pieces from ones that have been cast off as junk. I moved to Bend in 1996 and have been enjoying all it has to offer ever since.  I work full time but like to fill my time outside of work with projects to nourish my creative side.  My passions are gardening, baking and rummaging through old junk.

Why I’m participating: I love breathing new life into objects. I passionately believe in recycling, reducing and reusing and feel great about proceeds going to such a great organization. I believe that reusing and repurposing is essential to the environment and keeps things from heading to the landfill.


Lisa Rindfleisch & Julie Story
Lisa Rindfleisch & Julie Story

Bio: Our work is defined by studying the unlimited possibilities of an object that’s potentially one step from the landfill and taking that unwanted item and turning it into something of value. We enjoy using our combined artistic and organizational skills to create something fabulous. We relish the opportunity to be part of a community-building experience while being supportive of the environment and at the same time generating support for Habitat for Humanity.

Why we’re participating: Participating in the Habitat Furniture Flip Design Challenge allows us to advocate for a cause that we feel passionate about: the belief that each human deserves decent, affordable housing. 


Kit Stafford (with partner Carolyn Platt)

Kit Stafford
Bio: My life experience includes practice in dance, theatre, sculpture, jewelry, pottery, fabric art, performance art, painting and poetry. I was a teaching artist in public and private schools and artist residencies for 35 years. My expertise in Arts Integration allows me to share my joy in collaboration and commitment to celebrating the arts.

I can’t stop making things.

Why I’m participating: I love the collaborative process and to put old things together to be seen in a new light.


Carol Sternkopf & Debi Corso
Bio: Carol Sternkopf is a local artist/photographer in Bend who has worked her creative magic here for more than 20 years, and could not be a bigger fan of recycled art. Debi Corso is an active supporter/activist of anything to do with recycling and keeping the planet green; she’s also a seasoned home remodeler/builder.

Why we’re participating: Because it’s the coolest event on the planet. And it helps Habitat for Humanity, of which we’re a huge fan. And because you guys do it! We love the ReStore and shop there often.

Business: Carol Sternkopf Photography; Facebook Page


Danielle Sullivan
Danielle Sullivan
Bio: I’m married and have lived in Bend for 20 years. I’ve participated in this challenge in the past. Our daughter also was a Habit for Humanity volunteer while attending Bend Senior High School. I’m an oil painter in the style of Russian Impressionism and a member of Oil Painters of America and Plein Air Painters of Oregon.

Why I’m participating: I really enjoy upcycling, recycling, reusing, restoring, fixing, and creating. I don’t like to be wasteful. I care about the health of the planet. I really like to have fun! This is a fun challenge. I’m also hopeful it will inspire creativity in others and to be mindful of where things end up. It helps Habitat for Humanity!

Business: Danielle’s Art

Doug Sundman
Bio: I have a BA from Linfield College in McMinnville and have been upcycling for the last 10 years. I work full time in the home restoration industry as a drywaller.

Why I’m participating: I’m passionate about upcycling.


Shala Ulloa
Bio: I’m a mother of four, and lover of the Lord and all things pretty.

Why I’m participating: It’s a great cause, and it sounds like a blast.

Business: Curbside Vintage