Furniture Flip Launch & Theme Reveal

Last night, the 17 designers/teams gathered for the first time to hear the Flip themes.



They were given the event guidelines and the following themes to get their creative juices flowing:

  1. Inside Out: Transform items originally intended for use indoors into furniture or décor (or perhaps a party game?) that’s ideal for a backyard patio, entertaining space or garden.
  2. Bright Ideas: Rethink lighting -– whether by revamping a light fixture, transforming lighting components into furniture/décor or creating a light fixture from found objects.
  3. What was it? : Truly unleash your creativity by re-imagining something so completely that we won’t know what it was in its previous life.
  • BONUS CHALLENGE: Hang it! Can you turn one of your pieces into a hanging work of art? Or maybe it hangs as a way to save storage. This is not an additional theme, but can be applied to any of the themes. (Upon judging, you will be awarded 3 bonus points if one of your items hangs.)

Here’s a few pictures from last nights brain storming and shopping:


Corie Ball and Larry Heath

We can’t wait to see what they come up with! Can you?

Stay tuned for designer bios.


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